Taylor | Bridal | Nottoway Plantation

Taylor got married in August, so this blog post has been a long time coming.  Life has just been non-stop since I served in her wedding!  I actually moved to a new city, and I have been working like crazy since the summer ended!  It's been a quick fall, y'all.

But as I always say...  Better late than never!  :)

Taylor has been one of my best friends since we were in kindergarten.  Seriously, we go WAY back!  So needless to say...  This bridal portrait shoot was a special one for me.  My best friend was officially a bride, and she looked so gorgeous!  We ended up shooting for almost four hours, because I just couldn't help myself.  We were so delirious and exhausted by the end of it (it was SO HOT outside), but it was well worth these images we made!  We laughed so much that day.  But that's how any day is when we are together, pretty much.  So much fun.  It was definitely a day to remember!

I still can't get over how lovely these photos are...  Not because of my photography skills.  Just because of how freaking beautiful Taylor is!

Check out the magic we made together below.  <3


Flawless hair by:  My sister, Lindsay Blanchard

Flawless make-up by:  Courtney Graham

( Both stylists of Rigsby Frederick Salon )

Oh, and of course I had to jump in there for a few shots with my Tay!