Kristi + Lane | Maternity | Jungle Gardens | Avery Island, La.

This post seriously warms my heart.

I first met Kristi and Lane when we met at the Avery Island Jungle Gardens for their engagement session sometime during fall of 2014.  (I had to think about that for a minute because it definitely does not feel like it was that long ago!)  I fell in love with them instantly.  Their connection/relationship is an easy one to photograph, and they aren't afraid to laugh and have fun with each other.

After that, I got to photograph their beautiful wedding day in May of 2015.

Well...  May of 2016 rolls around (I'm still mind blown by how fast this time has flown by)... Kristi is expecting a baby girl, and they're ready for maternity photos to document such a special time!  I was ecstatic!  I loved working with them and couldn't wait to shoot again!  So we met up at the same location we used for their engagement photos.  They were just as cute and effortless as before, only this time there was little bump added to the equation.  :)

Since we were shooting at the Jungle Gardens again, we decided to use some of the exact same spots as we did for their engagement photos... to recreate them in a sense.  So you can compare both sessions and really see the difference a year and a half can make!  Not only have they changed, but so has my photography style.  It's really weird and awesome to see the difference!   

• See their engagement photos here •

Basically, I really loved taking these photos for them.  It's such a cool feeling to be able to watch someone's relationship (and family!) grow through the lens of my camera.  I felt so honored to be able to document another milestone for them.