Kristi + Lane | Engagement | Avery Island, La.

These two are so ridiculously adorable together.  

Instead of being super concerned about how they looked and how the photos were going, Kristi & Lane were simply enjoying each other's company.

This, my friends, is the recipe for amazing and natural engagement photos.

Our time together kinda felt like they were on a date exploring the Jungle Gardensand I was just tagging along with my camera and documenting it all.  They were so easy-going, and I think I can honestly say they laughed the entire time.  Which is awesome.  Laughing photos will always be my favorites.

I have a soft spot in my heart for this particular couple because their relationship is a long-distance one. (I myself am in a long-distance relationship.)  I firmly believe that it takes a special kind of bond to make it work, and these two are obviously winning.  I can't wait to document their wedding day in May!  Just look at how cute they are!


P.S.  The last photo makes me laugh every single time I see it.  Amazing.