Kristi | Bridal | Greenwood Plantation | St. Francisville, La.

I had so much fun working with Kristi.  She is one of those girls who isn't afraid to laugh and be silly, which is exactly what I always hope and wish for when it comes to my clients.  About 1/3 of her bridal portraits are of her mid-laughter, and for me that is just amazing.  I love laughing shots, and they came crazy-easy for this bride!  Kristi chose Greenwood Plantation as the location for her bridal portraits, and I fell in love with this place instantly.  See for yourself; the scenery made me feel like I was in a southern fairy-tale.  (seriously though)

the location = amazing  //  the dress = freaking fabulous  //  the bride = a bad*ss

Kristi, you are just awesome.  Such a beautiful bride you were!  I can't wait to get started on the photos from their wedding day soon.  For now, enjoy Kristi's bridals!