Amelia | Senior | Mamou High

When I was a senior in high school, I assumed that my senior portraits were supposed to look pretty much the same as everyone else's.  I look at them now, and I don't really recognize myself... Sure, I looked nice and all dolled up, but they don't show anything about my personality or attitude.  They don't say much at all about the girl I was at 17 years old.  (oh wait, actually, maybe that's a good thing)

Of course, I didn't realize this until later in life when I got into photography myself.  That's when I vowed to always try to capture the essence of a person rather than try to make them look perfect.  Because duh, we are all perfect exactly the way we are.

Amelia helped me acheive this goal and our shoot exceeded my expectations like crazy.  We share the same interests and style, so we had an awesome time bouncing ideas off of each other.  The result is my favorite senior portrait work I've done so far.

She wanted her senior pictures to be different and quirky, just like she is.  I wish I could have been that smart when I was a senior in high school!  She isn't afraid to be herself, and that's why I think she's the coolest.